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A new menu is produced each week to bring you healthy, delicious alternatives to traditional menu staples. Along the way you may encounter new foods you may have not tried before, and some old favorites prepared in unexpected ways.

After the menu is prepared and the ingredients assembled, we start the process of building your meals from scratch. The day they are made, is the day they are delivered to you. 

We deliver on Mondays between 2p and 7p. We will notify you when we are on our way.

The last step in the process is a hearty, healthy, satisfying & filling meal ready to enjoy.

chef jen

 My passion for the culinary arts was sparked early on by a desire to help my family address its genetic predisposition to cancer. I became committed to helping others fight disease by promoting healthier ways of eating and enjoying food for Life.

A graduate of The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, my background in natural foods and nutrition seemed to pair perfectly with my desire to grow and know where the food I’m cooking with comes from. I obtained a master gardener certificate from Monmouth County to learn more about what The Garden State has to offer. My commitment to the Farm to Table concept marries wonderfully with the stunning produce that is yielded from local farms and makes for a wonderful culinary experience for the diner.

With more than ten years of culinary leadership experience at the area’s finest open kitchens and cafés, I continue to focus on the health-driven dietary benefits of classic cuisine. I am skilled in traditional, vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free, raw cuisine and macrobiotic preparation as well as in alternative meal & dessert preparation.

My commitment to bringing only the finest, freshest, healthiest, and most delicious ingredients to the table is exceeded only by my intense drive to help people heal their bodies with nutrient-dense food. I am currently living out my mission of being an inspired, health supportive chef. 

seasonal, local, and organic

local farmers rock! 

they are the unsung heroes of a healthy eating lifestyle. Without our farmers, we would be subject to all of the unknowns (and some knowns) that are added to our food in order to prolong their shelf life or enhance their appearance.

New Jersey is the Garden State. With a tremendous variety of locally grown, organic produce available, the menu possibilities are limitless.

Cooking with the seasons is exciting on so many levels. Not only do you get the benefits of fresh food throughout the year, you get the added bonus of exploring new foods and possibly establishing new favorites. 

If we are indeed what we eat, then our farmers are as critical to our lives as oxygen. We all owe it to ourselves to eat healthy and enjoy our food the way nature intended it. 

We work hand in hand with our partners to bring you the freshest, most flavorful ingredients. One taste and you will know the difference farmers make.

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locally sourced. responsibly grown. lovingly prepared.


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